REGISTRATION:  Opens Annually on February 1st.  Closes when fully subscribed or on the first friday in March (whichever comes first).

LOCATION:  Flames Community Arenas (2390 - 47 Ave SW)

MEDIA CONTACT:  Maria Gisondo (403) 993-3450



WARM-UP: Each team will be allowed a 5-minute warm-up prior to each game.

GAME FORMAT: Round Robin Games: 3 x 15 Minute Periods (NHL Shootout if necessary)

Playoff Games: 2 x 20 Minute Straight time Periods (OT & Shootout if necessary)

Game clock will drop to 2-minutes with 5 minutes remaining on the permit.

GAME PLAY – Bracket style format - Each game must produce a winner. In the event that a game ends in a tie.

  • NHL Shootout (3 shooters per team)
  • If still tied, keep going until a winner has been determined.
  • No player can shoot twice until all shooters have gone.



  • Red line will be considered for icing, but not be used when considering two-line passes.
  • Body checking is not permitted.
  • Slap shots are only permitted in the Gold Division.
    (Slap shot is considered to be a shot with stick 6” or more off the ice & followed through).
  • Game ejections will occur for the following:
    • 3 minor penalties (Double minor = 2 penalties)
    • Major Penalty or Misconduct
  • Tournament Expulsion will occur for the following:
    • Intent to injure Major Penalty
    • Fighting Major Penalty
    • Gross Misconduct

The Oilympics Committee reserves the right to enforce a Zero Tolerance with respect to Verbal Abuse of game officials.


In the event of a tie after the end of regulation play, one 5-minute stop time 3-on-3 sudden-victory
overtime period will be played. Play will end as soon as one team scores and is declared the winner.

In the event of a tie after the end of the overtime period, each team will select three shooters and each
player will take one shot alternating from team to team.

 Upon completion of the three-player shootout, the team with the most goals wins.

If still tied, the shootout will continue with an additional shooter per team until a winner is declared. No
player shall come around a second time for a penalty shot until the complete team roster excluding goal
tenders has been used.

When 5-minutes remain on the ice permit, the clock will drop to 2-minutes. If tied when time expires –
Overtime will be skipped & shootout begins immediately. 

Have a great tournament!
Have fun!